Hrishikesh Kamath

Undergraduate Student at RVCE

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I am an Undergraduate student at RV College of Engineering , Bangalore studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering and expect to graduate in 2020. I also finished high school in Bangalore from Delhi Public School Bangalore South. I am a proficient programmer in Java , Python and Javascript. My interests are in Machine Learning ,Data Privacy (Differential Privacy and Federated Learning) and Software Engineering. During my free time I read , work out and play Table Tennis. I plan to soon begin writing about things I have learnt.


These are some of the projects I have worked on in the past. For more visit my Github Profile

Detecting Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions

Trained a Isolation Forest anomaly detection algorithm which gave 96.5% accuracy in predicting fraudulent transactions on test set using Sklearn in Python. The dataset was a higly skewed dataset of 284,807 transactions in which only 492 transcations were fradulent (0.172%).


PyReData is a Python module which allows Python users to share their analysis and visualizations done using Python as HTML web pages. The module currently provides support for pandas , matplotlib and seaborn. I am currently in the process of re-writing the module.

Exploratory Analysis of Amazon Unlocked Mobile Reviews

Analyzed Amazon unlocked Mobile Reviews dataset of 400,000 reviews for relationship between brands,pricing and ratings. Developed visualizations using Seaborn and matplotlib in Python. Used NLTK for processing text reviews. Working on more in-depth analysis of dataset.

Disaster Management Application

Worked with a team of three to develop a solution for managing disasters effectively. Solved transparency problem using Blockchain and remote connectivity using Peer-To-Peer based Mobile application. As part of the project I Developed a web Application for Relief Centers using NodeJs , Express , Bootstrap 4 and MongoDB


A Library for Private, Secure, Multi-Owner Deep Learning - Currently Pre Alpha. I am contributor to the open source library written in Python. Previously I worked on code documentation and refractoring codebase with type annotations. I worked on development of Polynomial tensor for non-linear multi-party computation operations. Further , I wrote an implementation of PATE (Private Aggregate of Teacher Ensembles) in PyTorch.


A simple Blog application. I used NodeJs and Express to develop a REST API. Mongoose package to connect to MongoDB database.Body parser to handle posts requests and Bootstrap 4 for front end.

Freelance Work

I have taken up some freelance web development work. These are the past projects I have completed.


Designed the website for International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates 19 (IQMU 19) a International level quiz by Kasturba Medical College , Manipal using Bootstrap 4.


Designed a website for Indo-German Conference for Lindua Alumni 2018 (IGCLA 2018) using AngularJs and Bootstrap 4.